Take with you / reference letter?

You need a reference letter written by a doctor if you have been pregnant for longer than 6 weeks and 2 days. We can only give you an appointment after 6 days from the date written on the reference letter. That is laid down by Dutch law. If you have been pregnant for shorter than 6 weeks and 2 days, then you can immediately make an appointment.

We request that you always bring the following objects with you when you visit our clinic for the first time:

  • if possible, a reference letter written by the general practitioner (only if you have been pregnant for longer than 6 weeks and 2 days);
  • a valid proof of identity (passport, driving licence or identity card);
  • proof of insurance;
  • ultrasound data (if available);
  • nightgown or long T-shirt, warm jacket or bath robe and slippers (this does not apply in the case of an abortion pill);
  • sanitary towels, not tampons;
  • an up-to-date list of medication (ask your chemist for this). You must also bring a list, even if you do not use any medication. The medicines you use may influence the treatment. That is why we ask you to bring an up-to-date list of the medicines or the medicines as such. Take your medicines according to the times you need to take them, except for medication for diabetes mellitus or anticoagulants. If you are in doubt or you do not know how you must adjust your medication, you can always contact the clinic to consult us or ask us for advice.
  • Please do  not take anyprescribed antibiotics to the clinic: you will be provided with these in the abortion clinic.
  • You must bring your own food/drink because this is not provided during your stay in the clinic.

If you have opted to be sedated you will need to be sober for the treatment. It is important that you do not eat or drink anything any more from 6 hours before the treatment. Neither are you allowed to chew chewing gum or eat peppermints. You must be sober because otherwise the contents of your stomach can run into your lungs during the treatment, which can cause serious complications. However, at the most, you may drink 2 mouthfuls of tea (without milk or sugar) or water before the operation no later than 2 hours before the medical intervention. Smoking is not allowed as from 24 hours before the medical intervention. The use of drugs is not allowed as from 48 hours before the treatment.

Personal hygiene

For hygiene purposes, please have a shower before you come to the clinic for treatment.

Please remove any piercing in your tongue and your genitalia before you undergo the treatment.


One person may attend the interview preceding the treatment. No-one may accompany you to the ward!

Duration of stay
You must take into account that you will stay at the clinic for approximately four hours.

Waiting times
We do our absolute utmost to provide every client with the attention necessary. This means that unexpectedly long waiting times may sometimes occur. We request you to understand this.

Always cancel your appointment 2 days in advance 
Cancel the appointment as quickly as possible if you cannot come. You must do this not later than 24 hours in advance on a normal business day from Monday to Friday, inclusive. If you fail to cancel, we will need to charge you the rate for a no-show.