Abortion, privacy and anonymity

Confidentiality obligation

Carers need your personal data to make your treatment as good and as smooth as possible. They must treat this information confidentially because they are bound by their confidentiality obligation (professional secrecy). This means that you may presume that what is discussed between you and your carer will not be disclosed to third persons. The carer may not transmit any information about you to other people without your consent, not even to your parents, family or partner. The carers directly involved form an exception to this. It goes without saying that they will be informed of your situation.

Creating and accessing a file

Carers are obliged to keep a file (on paper or in computer files) of their clients. This will contain a record of the data collected, such as the results of examinations and a report on the treatment. Only employees involved in the treatment and its administrative finalisation may access those data as long as that is necessary to perform the necessary actions. Apart from these, no-one, either inside or outside the Amsterdam Abortion Clinic, has access to the clients’ files. Therefore, the Amsterdam Abortion Clinic guarantees your privacy and anonymity. Law lays down that the files must be kept for a period of 15 years.

You can have access to your file if you request to do so and in consultation with your treating carer. You can also be provided with copies of (parts) of your file if you request this. The Amsterdam Abortion Clinic may ask to be reimbursed for this.

Obligation to register

Carers are obliged to provide data for countrywide registration purposes (e.g. number of abortions). This means that your personal anonymity will always be guaranteed. Your data will be protected if you come to an appointment for an abortion treatment. We only provide personal data to persons and institutions from outside the Amsterdam Abortion Clinic if you have express and written consent.


Scientific research is sometimes performed in collaboration with the Amsterdam Abortion clinic. In general, such research is intended to improve the quality of the care provided.

Your cooperation in such scientific research is completely voluntary. Even if you have given your consent to participate in the scientific research, you can always reconsider your decision and withdraw such consent (without needing to give any reasons).