Marcella opted for an abortion

Marcella (27 years old) is single

“Last year I had a short romantic relationship with a man on whom I had an intense crush. The only problem was that he was not very stable and deep down, I knew that it could never develop into a serious relationship. We used condoms as contraceptive. One evening, after a party – both of us were tipsy – we did not worry about the condoms. Withdrawal seemed fine for the first time but that was all … I didn’t think anything of it until I my period was overdue a few weeks later. I also felt by my breasts, which were rather tender and painful, as had been the case with my previous pregnancies. Looking back, I can kick myself. As (young) adult woman, I should have known better! But it’s easy to be clever in hindsight. I had made the wrong choice and the result was that I was pregnant.”

Abortion was the best option

“My boyfriend – who had become my ex-boyfriend in the meantime – reacted extremely unpleasantly. He didn’t want to talk about the situation at all and found that I had to solve the problem myself: ‘it’s in your stomach, so it’s your problem,’ he said. I found it so terribly unpleasant and egotistic that I broke up immediately. But, in the meantime, I was extremely sad and pregnant. I found myself facing a difficult decision. I would like children with a partner, so I chose for an abortion. Not a pleasant state of affairs. But in this case, it was the best option.”

Sad and happy

“I made an appointment in the clinic, after which I needed to wait a few days, which is laid down by law. I was just in time to qualify for the abortion pill but, in deliberation with the doctor, I opted for a suction curettage. That felt better for me. I want it to be done well and properly and that there would be no chance of another mishap. I also immediately had an STD test done and luckily the result was ‘negative’. All in all, it was an extremely sad experience. I’m glad that it’s in the past and that I had the option and possibility of terminating the pregnancy, but I never want to experience anything like it again. These days, I always have condoms in stock.”