Abortus (arte) provocatus is medical term for the premature termination of a pregnancy by means of an (a medical) intervention. In English, the term abortion is mostly used for this action. The  Termination of Pregnancy Act (WAZ).

You can rely on our clinic if you choose to have the pregnancy terminated. There are various treatments, depending on how many weeks you are pregnant.

If your period is overdue for up to and including 16 days (=6w2d), you qualify for an early treatment. No reference or period of reflection is required by law up to and including 6w2d. The said early treatment can consist of a suction curettage or the abortion pill. The treatment can be given immediately in the clinic if you so wish.

In cases where a period has been overdue for longer than 16 days, the law lays down a reflection period of 5 days. This period starts after you have had a talk with the referring general practitioner (we refer to the GP as forming part of the primary health care system), so bring the reference letter with you for this purpose. If you have not been referred, this reflection period starts from the moment that you have spoken to a doctor in the clinic (secondary health care).

There are various ways of terminating the pregnancy. You can choose from the following methods: abortion pill (can be done up to 9 weeks of pregnancy), the suction curettage (can be done up to 13 weeks of pregnancy) or dilation and evacuation, which may or may not be under sedation (you will then sleep for a while).

If you come to the clinic, an ultrasound scan will be used to determine your pregnancy stage to terminate it (i.e. to have an abortion). You will have a talk with a doctor or nurse. Your general state of health, your situation and reasons for wanting the abortion will be discussed during the talk. The use of means of contraception will be discussed after the treatment.