You can choose for a local anaesthetic or for sedation in the case of an abortion treatment. You will not notice anything in the case of sedation because you will sleep for a short while.
State clearly when you make an appointment that you want to be sedated when being given a treatment.

For some medical problems or in the case of serious overweight, (BMI>35), the doctor may decide not to sedate you because of the health risks. You will then be consulted, and a decision will be made to give you a local anaesthetic or to refer you to a hospital.

If you choose for sedation, it is important that you do not eat or drink anything 6 hours before the treatment. You must be sober because otherwise the contents of your stomach can run into your lungs during the treatment, which can cause serious complications. However, you may drink 2 mouthfuls of tea (without milk or sugar), (clear) apple juice or water before the operation. The rest of the treatment is the same as in the case of a local anaesthetic.

You will remain in the recovery room for about an hour following the sedation, general a little longer than after a local anaesthetic.

Please note: in the case of sedation, clients wearing coloured lenses must remove them.

Depending on the duration of the pregnancy and the reaction to the medicine, you will still stay in the recovery room a little while after the treatment. You can leave the clinic if you feel good and the medical examination results have been approved. You will not be able to go home alone in traffic if you have been treated with a sedative, which applies both to driving a car and using public transport. The sedative remains in your blood for 24 hours and is detectable. Your insurance policy will not cover any possible damage. Make sure that someone assists you when you go home.

Please note: a local anaesthetic is not an epidural.