After the abortion treatment

You will stay in the recovery room for about an hour after the abortion treatment. The exact period of time depends on the pregnancy and treatment, how you feel and your reaction to the medicines.

You will also still be given a little advice and information on the consequences of the treatment and you will be given antibiotics in the clinic to prevent infection and some precepts for the first few weeks.

You can leave the clinic if you feel good and the medical examination results have been approved. You will not be able to go home alone in traffic if you have been treated with a sedative (i.e., you have slept for a short while during the treatment). This applies both to driving a car and using public transport. The sedative remains in your blood for 24 hours and is detectable. Your insurance policy will not cover any possible damage. Make sure that someone assists you when you go home.

Pain following the treatment

You may suffer from back pain, stomach cramps and blood loss, comparable to normal menstruation, until a few days following the treatment. The uterus has contracted (because of the treatment). Most blood loss often only occurs after 4-7 days and can then continue for longer than a normal period. The blood loss often ends with a brown discharge and you can lose clots.

You can take Paracetamol (1000 milligrams) against the pain and if that does not help, other painkillers such as Naproxen or Ibuprofen but not Aspirin. Read the patient information leaflet and adhere to the instructions.

The chance of infection is minimal and you will be given antibiotics in the clinic to combat this but if you feel ill, have a fever (over 38°C) for longer than a day and have stomach cramps, this may indicate that you have an infection. In that case, contact the clinic where you received the treatment or your general practitioner.

You can prevent infections by following the rules below:
– do not use tampons during the first two weeks
– do not have sexual intercourse during the first two weeks
– do not have a bath or swim during the first two weeks, but you can have a shower
– it is strongly recommended that you do not have a vaginal douche.

You can expect your next period between four to six weeks, and this may detract from the normal pattern. If you use the pill, the bleeding will almost always occur in the break week after you have taken the first strip.

Complication after or during treatment

There is a small chance of complications in the case of further advanced pregnancies. Our clinic has collaboration agreements with nearby hospitals to which you can be referred if necessary.

Still pregnant

It may be that the pregnancy has still not been terminated after an abortion treatment. In the case of being treated with the abortion pill, this occurs in 1%-4% of the treatments and in other cases of treatment, that chance is 1%-2%. In that case, a suction curettage must still be performed or must be performed a second time. In such a case, we will seriously focus on the follow-up examination.

Follow-up examination

At the appointment for the follow-up examination in the clinic, we check to see whether you have recovered physically, (still) have any complaints and how you feel emotionally. We also discuss how you experienced the treatment and we talk about any issues you may have with the processing. We also consider contraception.
You can also go to your general practitioner for a follow-up examination and, in some cases, the follow-up examination can also be done by telephone.