Vanessa chose a T-Safe coil

Vanessa (33 years) is the mother of two children and lives together with her boyfriend. 

“When I was 16, I started taking the pill and actually there were problems right from the start. I suffered from all types of side effects such as weight gain, fluid retention, depression and mood swings. In consultation with my general practitioner, I tried various pills, including the hormonal shot. But even the hormonal shot gave me nasty side effects: I struggled with breakthrough bleeding and I started getting facial hair! But what was especially problematic was that I felt a completely different person, sort of bland. Eventually, it seemed as though a light microgynon appeared to be the best option for me. I took it for ten years, with intervals of three years when I had a stable relationship. My gynaecologist wanted to examine my ovulation a few years ago and that was a good reason to stop taking the pill. Three months later, I was pregnant which was unexpected or, in any event, unplanned.

Intense reaction to the pill after pregnancy

“I went on the pill again after the birth. I reacted even more intensely to the pill than before the pregnancy. I had breakthrough bleeding, felt irritable and very emotional. If felt completely uncomfortable and not me at all. I discussed the matter with my partner – who had also noticed the difference – and I stopped taking the pill. Rather a condom than hormones … but it appeared that using condoms was not so easy and I fell pregnant again in no time. To cut a long story short: the youngest in now six months old and we are extremely happy with out children. Our family feels perfect and I do not want to fall pregnant again. So, we needed to consider the options. I no longer want the pill and sterilisation is very expensive. I have always found a coil a strange idea: a foreign object that is fitted in my body. The Mirena coil was eliminated because it works on the hormone principle.”

Coper coil the best option

“In the end, we decided on the coper coil. I had to “fight” for it because the doctors advised against it. A copper coil causes more pain and blood during menstruation. But that is the best option for me. It is relatively inexpensive, there are no hormones and you can keep it in for ten years. With a bit of luck, I’ll be in my menopause by that time. I had the coil fitted in a specialised clinic. The doctor was experienced and it the fitting was easy. I did not have any after-effects, felt almost nothing and did not need the painkillers that they give me for any pain following the fitting. I have now had one period with the coil and that also went perfectly well. I did not experience any more stomach pain than usual and my blood loss was normal. For the time being, I am very satisfied!”