The FemCap, also known as silicone cap or cervical cap is a flexible cover made from latex-free silicone rubber. You must fit the cap in your vagina before you have sexual intercourse. If it fits properly, it will fit exactly cover your cervix. You can apply a spermicide on the inside of the FemCap to increase reliability. A comprehensive instructive video is provided with the FemCap, so that it is clear how you must personally fit it.

How the FemCap works

The FemCap ensures that the sperm cannot reach the uterus or must travel a longer way in the acid vaginal environment to the cervix. This causes many sperm to die. The second hindrance is caused by the spermicide that is applied. That ensures that there is even less chance that sperm will penetrate to the cervix. This will avoid pregnancy. You will retain your own menstrual cycle when using the FemCap.

FemCap reliability

If the FemCap is the right size and is properly placed, between 10 and 20 women out of 1,000 using it correctly for one year fall pregnant. However, in practice, it appears that many more women fall pregnant because they do not use the FemCap properly or because it does not fit well. Therefore, in practice, the FemCap is an unreliable contraceptive method.

The FemCap is available in three sizes

  • Small (22 mm) for women who have never been pregnant.
  • Medium (26 mm): for women who have been pregnant but have not given birth naturally (because they had a miscarriage or gave birth by Caesarean section, for example).
  • Large (30 mm): for women who have given birth naturally following a full-term pregnancy.

A larger size is needed after you have given birth naturally, which is why you must buy a new FemCap if you used a FemCap before the birth and had not had any children yet. This can also be used as from six weeks after the birth because the cervix has then again taken on its final form. This also applies to women will use the FemCap for the first time.

FemCap can be obtained from the chemist.