Contraceptive ring

  • The contraceptive ring is a plastic ring that you fit in the vagina yourself.
  • The ring releases hormones (oestrogen and progestogen).
  • You remove the ring after three weeks. This is followed by a ring-free week.
  • Then you fit a new ring in the vagina.
  • The chances of pregnancy are approximately 0.3% per year.

The ring can remain fitted during sexual intercourse and tampon use. As is the case with the pill, it is possible to postpone the stoppage week (bleeding), which is referred to as skipping your period. When used properly, the ring is as reliable as the pill. Benefits are that you need not think of it every day and have less chance of intermediary bleeding. The ring does not provide protection against sexually transmitted diseases. As is the case with the pill, the ring is only available with a medical prescription.

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