• condom is a sheath of rubber that fits over the penis.
  • It provides protection against pregnancy and STDs (sexually transmitted diseases).
  • One can use a condom only once.
  • Fit the condom on the erect penis.
  • It is important than no sperm leaks from the condom after an orgasm. Therefore, be sure to withdraw the penis before it loses its erection.
  • A condom is reliable if used carefully. The chances of falling pregnant or transmitting an STD when using a condom are small.
  • Buy condoms from a chemist or supermarket or order them through the internet. Make sure that you always have a condom with you.

There are condoms containing spermicide (sperm-killing) lubricant for additional safety during sexual intercourse. There are also so-called fun condoms in various colours, tastes and shapes but these are less reliable as contraceptives. Special condoms are available for people who are hypersensitive to latex. There are also separate, extra-strong  condoms for anal sex.

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