There are different types of means of contraception for men and for women. There is a choice and you can change if a certain form of contraception or method does not suit you (any longer) or is no longer appropriate for your situation. You can draw up a list of benefits and drawbacks of the various means of contraception and methods to find the right one for you.

For more information on your choice, we advise you to refer to the following website:

Frequently used contraception

– the pill (for more information, see

– morning after pill (see

– hormonal implants (see

– coil (see (copper and Mirena)

– diaphragm (see

– contraceptive ring (see

– (female) condom (see

– contraceptive plaster (see

– FemCap (see

IN addition, there is also permanent contraception such as sterilisation for the man (vasectomy) and sterilisation for the woman