The Amsterdam Abortion Clinic will gladly provide you with optional information on (means of) contraception and how to use it. You need a doctor’s prescription for some means of contraception. You can obtain these in our clinic.
You will find various contraception methods on our website. The information is based on the information provided at, where professional standards are used.

What is contraception?

  • A contraceptive protects you against pregnancy when you have sex without wanting to fall pregnant.
  • Contraceptives differ in the way they work, are used, in their reliability and in their side effects.
  • There are contraceptives containing hormones (oestrogen and progestogens) and those without hormones.
  • Famous means of contraception are: the pill, coil and condom.
  • Other reliable means are: the hormonal shot, hormonal implants, vaginal ring and contraceptive plaster.
  • You can choose to be sterilised if you are certain that you do not want any children (any more).
  • Contraceptives do not protect you against STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). Use condoms for this purpose.

What is the best contraceptive?
The suitability of a certain method for a particular person depends on various factors. Some examples:

  • if you have an increased risk of thrombosis, contraceptives containing hormones are often not the best choice;
  • if you lead an irregular life, it may be difficult to use a contraceptive that you must remember every day;
  • if you do not want to become pregnant at this stage but (might) want to do so at a later stage, sterilisation is not a good option.

Reliability of contraception
No form of contraception whatsoever is 100% reliable. The reliability of most means and methods strongly depends on how you use them.