About the Amsterdam Abortion Clinic

The Amsterdam Abortion Clinic is an organisation that has a clinic in Amsterdam.
We provide expert assistance in the field of unwanted pregnancy and pregnancy termination, information and advice on contraception.

In the brief contact with the client, we provide a broad package of care assistance, including information, treatment and after-care. In doing so, we want to achieve the situation where not only short-term solutions are provided, but where clients will also be facilitated if they may have new questions regarding assistance. We provide care in a small-scale, accessible and confidential environment.

The policy of the organisation is based on the following vision:
The Amsterdam Abortion Clinic is a professional organisation where the primary process between care provider and client is of prime importance. In the relationship with our clients, we provide high-quality care, with commitment to and respect for everyone coming to us.

The Amsterdam Abortion Clinic is professionally organised and operates according to the newest quality and safety guidelines. Our clinics vouch for guaranteed medical care quality and a speedy, efficient and personal treatment, where your health is of prime importance. They comply with the strictest quality standards and guarantee a short waiting time and optimum treatment in a pleasant environment.


Abortion clinic  Amsterdam is committed to providing abortion assistance to all women. Women who do not live in the Netherlands pay for the treatment themselves. Some women rely on donations for this. They could really use your help. With your contribution you give a woman the freedom to make her own choice about her pregnancy. Even now boss in your own belly!

Are you helping? Donations can be given to one of our cooperation partners:

Abortion Network Amsterdam

Abortion Support Network