Client assistance offer

Abortuskliniek Amsterdam (Amsterdam Abortion Clinic) provides expert information and assistance in the field of unwanted pregnancy, pregnancy termination, information and advice on contraception.

Our website provides all the possible information on the assistance we provide.

We are at your service for any questions you may have. You can also call us if there is any specific information that you cannot find on our website.

You can reach us at: +31 20-693 21 51

For referrers

At our clinic, your patients can rely on us for an abortion of up to 18 weeks, an abortion pill and contraception (information and advice).

You will find our clinic in Amsterdam.

The Amsterdam Abortion Clinic is professionally organised and operates according to the newest quality and safety guidelines. Our clinic vouches for guaranteed medical care quality and a speedy, efficient and personal treatment, where your patient’s health is of prime importance.

We comply with the strictest quality standards and guarantee a short waiting time and optimum treatment in a pleasant environment.

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